At The Crossroads

Mention Cuba and one image comes to mind...Fidel...but Cuba is more than that - much more. American documentary film producer John Holod entered Cuba through the "back door", without official help or intervention, to find out the true story of this "mysterious" island. The filmmaker spent several months exploring the cities and back roads while talking to the "real" island people. Cuba is like nowhere else on Earth. It is the largest, most diverse and most beautiful island in the Caribbean with a deep sense of history and culture. It is called the "Pearl of the Antilles" for good reason.

Come along on a true adventure! Walk in the footsteps of Columbus - learn about the island's fascinating history, the early Indians, the slave trade and Cuba's greatest hero, Jose Marti - Batista, Havana, and the mob - Fidel, Che, and the freedom fighters - the spectacular Sierra Maestra mountains - Guantanamo Naval Base - Cuban cowboys - rural workers - La Faroa, the island's most scenic drive - amazing flora and fauna - Santiago de Cuba - Carnival! - Trinidad, a colonial jewel - the Bay of Pigs story - Zapata Swamp, nature's showplace - Isle of Youth, underwater paradise - stunning Vinales Valley - story of the Cuban cigar - Varadero, tourist haven - vintage cars - Columbus Cemetery - the Hemingway Trail - Havana, the heart of Cuba - Old Havana, UNESCO world heritage site.

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